ConsDistList note:

The ConsDistList will be on hiatus for a few weeks beginning August 19, 2016 as we begin the process of updating its underlying technology. We will not be accepting posts during that time. Revised instructions for posting will be sent to list subscribers when we resume.

Conservation DistList

Posting to the DistList is normally restricted to registered participants, who must be professionally involved in the conservation/preservation of cultural property. This requirement is interpreted rather broadly. Students, whether currently studying conservation, considering a career involving the conservation of cultural property, or just interested in learning about the field, are welcome to participate.
Job postings, Conference announcements, etc. are also welcome, whether or not you are a registered particpant.
If you are just interested in submitting a conservation-related job posting, conference announcement or other simple announcement you do not need to register. To submit an announcement, please read Instructions for posting a job (internship, workshop, etc) to the Conservation DistList:
To register as a participant in the Conservation DistList please send mail to with subscribe in the subject line. You will receive a questionnaire to fill out and instructions on how to submit it. If your application is accepted you will receive instructions for posting.
IMPORTANT: The information you submit in your questionnaire will NOT be kept private. It will be publicly available in the ConsDir for as long as you are a participant in the DistList. The minimum information required is your name, email address(es), job title (or other indication of the nature of your professional involvement in conservation), and the country you work in; optionally, you may include additional information, such as your postal address and phone numbers, your particular professional interests, your specialty, etc.
This is a requirement for participation so if you don't wish to be listed in the ConsDir, please do not submit a questionnaire, and consider carefully which information, beyond the required elements, you choose to make public.

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To submit a message for the DistList, send email to It will be sent to the DistList manager for consideration.
Before submitting your message, please see instructions at:

To register for the Conservation DistList please write to You will then be sent a questionnaire.